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I'm seeking an attorney to work on contingency and file 23 lawsuits/class action lawsuits. However, litigation is extremely expensive so it is difficult to find such an attorney. Therefore I am offering a $23,000,000 reward or 23% of whatever settlements I receive (whichever is less) to any attorney or individual who alerts the right attorney to my plight - if this attorney takes these cases on contingency and wins. The attorney has to be a "litigation attorney" that specializes in constitutional rights or civil rights. This is what I was told by an attorney that gave me free online legal advice without knowing my full story. I personally believe that attorneys that specialize in class action litigation or regularly handle cases involving litigation against the government may also be able to take on these cases.

Below is my story and the resultant lawsuits and class actions lawsuits I wish to file (23 total) against several government agencies. I think I can get at least $100-500 Million for everything! If this is correct I could easily pay the $23,000,000 referral fee.

Attorneys: If you don't want to take all 23 cases because of the potential expense, please consider just picking the few you think are most likely to succeed & pay the biggest. Then I can pay you or another attorney upfront to peruse the remaining litigation issues with funds from any financial compensation received.  


It all started when I was accused of making over $1,000,000 with fraud after being arrested in 2012 by the US Postal Inspection Service in California. Having schizophrenia, I was transferred to a government prison-hospital in Missouri and found incompetent to stand trial in 2014.

The above is the foundation that allowed the US Government to pull the three Super Scams on me listed below. The last of which involved the cooperation and an additional scam perpetrated by Emergence Addiction and Mental Health Services in Eugene Oregon, USA.


Super Scam I

I Was Falsely Labeled “Dangerous” (As Almost All Mentally Ill Inmates Are) For The Financial Gain Of The US Government

After I was found incompetent to stand trial, instead of releasing me immediately like they should have, they used one little insignificant incident of violence on my record to proclaim me to be too “dangerous” to be released into society and committed me to the institution for life. But they purportedly do this to everyone who has any small incident of violence on their criminal record as I deduced from statements from the prison staff and the defense employed doctor that evaluated me to see if I was really dangerous as the prison doctors had claimed. This is obviously a scheme to keep them in business. If they let too many people go clean instead of proclaiming them to be “Dangerous” and putting them on conditional release (probation) as I am now, not too many people would violate probation and have to reenter the prison hospital. A lot of prison staff would have to be laid-off and so would judges and doctors who do institution related work. The defense doctor who evaluated me well knew I was not dangerous at all and told me he would recommend to the judge I be released. Then he stabbed in the back by telling the judge he feels I should be committed to the institution for life. This proves they are ALL in cahoots in this scam. He probably has to do this often as it is a difficult task to look an intelligent being in the eye and tell him you're recommending his commitment to the institution for life when you both know it is totally unnecessary. If this is the case, evidence can be gathered by talking to others of above average to high IQ whom he "evaluated." (He's probably told many such people he'd recommend their release and then betrayed them by recommending their commitment).


Further proof that this is a scam is that a very short time after I was found to be extremely “Dangerous,” I was allowed to leave on “Conditional Release” - which is probation for life. They obviously did not believe I was dangerous or they would not have found me “not dangerous if taking medications” only months later. They just wanted me to be put on probation hoping I violate one day in any day of the rest of my life so I could come back to the institution and keep their worthless hides employed. I was told by the defense psychiatrist that they almost never let anyone go unless it is on “Conditional Release.” What a scam!


Super Scam II

Attempted Constitutional Rights Violation For The Financial Gain Of US Government And [Censored]

I am on probation for false allegations of being “Dangerous.” I am not on probation for the alleged fraud I was accused of. But the US Postal Inspector does not understand this or he is a racist who is used to getting away with the persecution of blacks. The US Constitution clearly states “Innocent Until Proven Guilty.” The US Constitution does not say “Innocent Until Proven Guilty Unless Black and/or Cannot Afford A Good Attorney.” But this is the way the US Postal Inspection Service and US Attorney’s Office are used to interpreting the Constitution because, according to my probation officer of the US Probation Department in Oregon, the Postal Inspector and US Attorney’s Office in California collaborated together and sent him a bunch of papers containing all the alleged evidenced from my CLOSED case – as if I had been convicted – and this probation officer also told me they were drawing up a court order to submit to a judge to have it mandated that any business plans I had must be run by him first. I think this is a half-truth because it was my probation officer whom I told that while I was sitting up in prison for four years, my hobby was making business plans and I had figured out many ways to make millions and more through okay methods. How did the US Attorney’s Office and Postal Inspection Service know I was planning to launch new businesses unless after they sent him these papers he said, “By the way, he’s planning to start a business, maybe you should write up a court order so I can monitor his activities.” In the meantime, while the alleged papers were being prepared for court submission, he told me I must run all my business plans by him for approval. This made me angry so I spent $95 on an attorney and as I knew he would, the attorney told me, “No new court order, no new conditions on probation.” The testimony of this attorney can serve as evidence that he did harass me with new conditions on my probation without authorization if he should deny he made such a demand of me at any future time. I'd just been released and I had no income so I barely had any money at the time. Why would I waste $95 on a verifiable attorney fee and related verifiable questions the attorney can affirm if he did not really piss me off by making that unauthorized demand?

Next, having schizophrenia, I got approved for Social Security and I got a lump sum for a few thousand dollars in February of 2017. So I emailed the postal inspector and asked him if I could hire an attorney or errand running company to get my property for me in California and mail it to me in Oregon (so I would not have to make the expensive trip). The postal inspector asked me why was using an email account out of Latvia (*?* and other questions that were none of his business and I suspected he was conducting an unauthorized police investigation after case closure and I wanted to tell him where he could go roast for all eternity. But I figured if I was nice (plus I had nothing to hide) he might be nice in return and allow me to reclaim my property by my requested, potentially unconventional means. Thus I told him because of “Edward Snowden.”


In our next meeting, my probation officer told me that this inspector was having yet another court order drawn up to present to a judge for approval that would mandate that all my Internet and possibly computer activities be monitored. Just because of my use of non-American email (that would be much less likely to illegally give him a copy of all my emails without a court order and because I was using an anonymous proxy as I always do post Snowden’s relations). This made me so angry I rushed home a registered about 9 anti-government corruptions websites.

Just before I was provoked to register all those websites, the postal inspector had asked me for my mailing address after I threatened to report his not responding to my inquiries as to if I could hire a third party to claim my property or not. He did not say he had any intention of returning my property so I thought he possibly just wanted my address so he could ascertain my ISP. I was going to ask an attorney if I could have my property shipped to his address so I had not written the postal inspector back with my mailing address. Then after I got news of his unconstitutional and possibly illegal plans to monitor all my computer activities because I believed Snowden and took measures to increase Internet privacy (as did 90% of Americans, I read) I wrote him from an email address @ one of my anti-government corruptions domains names and gave my business mailing address for that domain name as my mailing address to indirectly say, “If you want to watch, I’ll give you something to watch all right!” (I knew he would visit my websites).

 I don’t advocate violence on any of my websites. I state that the current corrections system is slavery, especially for African Americans and is designed to fail to reform anybody as they need masses of people on probation, parole and behind bars – going in and out of the system’s revolving doors for life - to stay in business. They have a conflict of interest about actually reforming people as if they did they have to downsize by, I estimate, approximately  80%. Then I list effective corrections technology that the government knows about and is purposely not using, and one or my many effective rehabilitation ideas to give interested parties a sample of what I can do. Then I solicit donations to build an alternative law enforcement organization that will cure people and not keep them sick to make money.



Super Scam III

Psychological Abuse, Sexual And Racial Discrimination By Emergence Addiction and Mental Health Services In Eugene Oregon After Defamation By US Probation Officer

My standing up for my rights did not sit well with my probation officer. Because I had the intelligence to become angry when some authority tried to violate my constitutional rights and was not in a Pollyanna mood when he would keep harassing me about the plans of the US Postal Inspector and US Attorney’s Office in California, he demanded I increase my court-mandated counseling from a tolerable once a month to an annoying four times a month. He asked me would I comply. I told him I would comply but I’d put up a website explaining the findings of psychologist Colin Ross that psychiatry is a scam where the patient is deliberately made worse so they will have to either keep seeing the psychologist for life or if they do manage to exit counseling, they still keep the psychiatric industry rich by the buying expensive pills prescribed by psychiatrists for life. And I’d collect statistics to verify the finding of Dr. Colin Ross that psychiatric medications only perform a tiny percentage better than placebos and more often than not have so many terrible side effects it is better not to take them in most cases, especially since many of the medications do permanent long term damage to the "patient." Then I’d sue the doctors and the government for making me go. Then he retracted his statement and lied to my face and told me he had only said he’d suggest to my psychologist that he feels that I need more counseling (based on my religious views and plans to fight law enforcement corruption and being brave enough to stand up for my rights) and the decision would ultimately be hers.

I thought this ***** was my friend and would see my side. She did not think I was dangerous when we first met and I told her that label was BS. She also did not think I had much need for counseling so she would interrogate me about my religious views every session. At first, I thought she was a fellow truth seeker and perhaps even a soulmate as I also study religion (as well as science) in my spare time - so at first, I did not mind talking to her about religion. But then she started to make me very angry by contradicting every answer I gave to her malpractice-religious-questions. This is what eventually prompted me to look up on Google “Is psychology a scam” and find Dr. Colin Ross’s video and books and many supporting YouTube videos by other people as well. I did not say anything to her and I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and secretly evaluating her to see if she was trying to employ MK-Ultra mind control to attempt to destroy my self-esteem so one day I'd just believe anything she told me without thinking for myself. But when she agreed with my probation officer that I have no right to have any kind of emotional reaction to government violation of my constitutional rights and I should suppress my emotions and do nothing, I realized she was trying to give me a psychological castrations and that she was a totally worthless financial parasite ***** who would never let me leave counseling because that would mean less money for her. So I put up a website to destroy the psychiatric industry by replacing it with a alternative industry that is not hostile as I did regarding the issue of corrupt law enforcement and I refused to go to her anymore and told my probation officer I’m exercising my right to seek help elsewhere because of her malpractice of imposing her New Age religious beliefs on people as a substitute for psychiatry. She once disclosed to me the establishment wound frown on her if they ever found out about her unconventional techniques (she does this regularly to her clients). Well, they are going to find out now. (Update 7/23/2017: Some time ago I filed my complaint against her with the Board of Psychiatry).

To summarize, Scam III is the subjugation of myself to extra unnecessary psychiatric “care” because of my righteous indignation against government corruption and my willingness to take a stand. And the attempt of the psychiatric department in a joint effort with my probation officer (The US Government) to censor the religious beliefs expressed on my websites and emasculate me (psychologically castrate me) because I dare to have righteous indignation and use those emotions to fuel creativity to find unconventional solutions. None of which are illegal. It is also psychological abuse for trying to get me to suppress negative emotion (righteous indignation) as if I were the villain, and not the US Government, who was repeatedly trying to violate my constitutional and civil rights. And it also includes the independent psychological abuse of my counselor, C.W. at Emergence Addiction and Mental Health Services in Eugene, Oregon of constantly agitating me and keeping me in a state of irritability by contradicting everything I’d say in response to her malpractice-religious-interrogations, possibly in an attempt to destroy my self-esteem with the employment of MK-Ultra tactics or something similar. In fact, if it were not for this heightened state of emotional irritability this C.W. had me in constantly, I would have just called the ACLU like I usually did when the government screwed with me and of course, they would have done nothing.

I am studying MK-Ultra mind control tactics to see if this is what Emergency Addiction and Mental Health Services was attempting to use on me and one thing I’ve learned so far is if you want complete control of a person, you have to first destroy their identity. Next, you replace it with the identity you wish. This is why the slave owner would give their slaves new names shortly after purchase. Destroying the self-confidence is a part of identity destruction. This ***** was trying to enslave me! Lucky for me she is such a stupid *****!

I’m looking for lawyers to help me file lawsuits and/or class actions lawsuits for all the Super Scams above.

Lawsuits I Wish To File

For Scam III: Psychological Abuse, Sexual and Racial Discrimination By Emergence In Eugene Oregon & Defamation By US Probation Department, I wish to sue for anything and everything below that is feasible.

1) Felony Illegal Censorship: My probation officer hoped my counselor would convince me to take the websites off-line as he was implying I should in our conversations. He told me he only left my psychologist a voice message stating that he thought I needed more counseling. Then as we continued to talk I expressed the opinion that I suspected my now ex-counselor would take my side. Then he revealed he had been having secret, extensive collaborations with my counselor by stating, “From my talks with her I think she will agree to give you more counseling” or something to that effect. If he was not involved in shady conversations with this counselor asking her to help control me for government aims, why would he lie and say he only left her a voice message then accidentally reveal he had been talking to her extensively? A subpoena of phone records will probably show several long calls - too long to be voice messages - that took place between my probation officer and Emergence shortly after I put up the websites in February of 2017. It is a felony to abuse a law enforcement position in an attempt to interfere with freedom of speech (Conspiracy Against Rights – 18 U.S. Code § 241). It is also a felony to participate in a conspiracy to illegally censor free speech as my counselor seems to have done. Also, I told my counselor she was not authorized to talk about any private conversations related to my websites to any third party.

2) Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: If I would have handled the legal abuse and persecution like a female and had too much respect for authority and did noting, my counselor would have been just fine with that because she is a female and that’s what she would have done. But because I responded as an intelligent and brave man, she does not understand and/or she is secretly cooperating with the US Government and thus tries to psychologically castrate me and tells me I should consider all possible consequences of my actions (be afraid like a woman) before I act.

3) Defamation: My probation officer's suggestion that I need more counseling because of my exercising freedom of religion and speech and because he was too stupid to know I have civil and constitutional rights is a clear case of defamation. Perhaps he as not as stupid as he seems and he acted with willful disregard of the law. Either way, this charge should be pressed.

4) Psychological Abuse: Almost every time I left her office she had put me in an angry and irritable state of mind that lasted for a long time. This was very bad at first because, in the beginning, I was seeing her once a week. I not long ago convinced her to cut my sessions down to once a month. In almost every session she annoyed me to the extreme by contradicting everything I said as if I were a child. Interviewing her other clients will probably establish this is a normal pattern with her. Why would a shady person want her patients to get well (and not worse) if that meant less money?

5) Racial Discrimination: The actions of the joint effort(s) of the US Postal Inspections Service, US Attorney's Office, and US Probation Office were racist and by taking their side she became part of the racist conspiracy.

6) Insurance Fraud (Possible Class Action Suit): There was little or nothing wrong with me. I stopped hearing voices before release from the hospital and I was not taking medication at the time I stooped having the auditory aberrations. But she employed psychological abuse in an attempt to turn me into an emotional wreck so I might never be deemed fit to leave counseling and thus she and the psychiatric industry (or at least Emergence) could keep profiting from my status as a patient.

7) Religious Persecution: I expressed controversial religious concepts on some of my websites and I was sent to counseling because the government (my probation officer) personally found them offensive.

8) Malpractice: Imposing one’s religion on multiple clients as a substitute for psychology. That this is her normal practice (she told me it is) can be proven by interviewing other patients of hers.

9) Discrimination Against The Mentally Ill: Mental illness is not the same thing as mental retardation. Sometimes mental illness does accompany decreased intelligence but this is not always the case. I am not on probation for mental retardation and I consider it psychological abuse to treat me as an imbecile and pretend they think I'm incompetent to make most of my decisions in a vain attempt to convince me that they (counselor and probation officer) are not the worthless parasites they are that need to get real jobs or just do their jobs by the book and stop trying to be 1,000% over-proactive. (The more stupid they pretend I am, the more I have to see them and the more money they make for their time). Evidence: After the date I registered the 9 domains names (2/22/2017), my second visit to my counselor was my last. Why would I end counseling when I don't like counseling and by ending it I would have to get a new counselor that would put me through a new evaluation period where I would have to see him or her weekly instead of monthly? I would have only subjected myself to this if my counselor provoked a strong emotional response from me by exercising "Discrimination Against The Mentally Ill" by trying to make decisions for me as if I were a child. You don't put a grown man in counseling because he wants to climb a mountain, skydive or take any risk that is no illegal to take. This is treating a person like an imbecile. The first doctor who evaluated me while I was in custody diagnosed me to be a high-functioning schizophrenic (not retarded). This doctor's evaluation can serve as evidence that I don't require anyone's brain but my own for decision making. I have a copy of this doctor's diagnoses on an evidence CD. Also, records should show that my probation appointments increased from once a month to once or more a week after the date I resisted the domains so my probation officer could engage in psychological warfare disguised as benevolent advice. His over-proactive racial profiling benevolence in support of imposing an unconstitutional new condition on my probation and my counselor's psychological abuse are the key factors that influenced my radical response. The increased appointments, which should be in the probation department's files, is further evidence of them treating a grown man like an imbecile (Discrimination Against The Mentally Ill).

10 - X) Etcetera.

For Scam II: Attempted Constitutional Rights Violation For The Financial Gain Of The US Government, I wish to sue for anything and everything below that is feasible.

1) Defamation: The US Postal Inspections Service and US Attorney's Office defamed me by submitting all details of the crime I was accused of as if I had been convicted and further defamed me by suggesting I am a threat to the community and needed to have court-mandated increased surveillance on two occasions.

2) Attempted Human Trafficking: They consider ex-cons, especially if they are black, to be cash cows who have no purpose but to keep going through the systems’ revolving doors for life to keep police, judges, psychiatrists, and probation/parole officers employed. They also are not heroes: Most people behind bars are there for petty drug offenses! Thus the US Postal Inspection Service and the rest of them are engaged in a racist conspiracy to lock up as many blacks as possible. They did not feel the odds were high enough I’d violate probation and return to their custody to keep their financial machine well fueled, so they attempted to violate my constitutional rights and add more and more conditions to my probation, for a crime I was not convicted of in a case that is officially CLOSED. The more conditions one has one’s probation, the higher the probability one will violate probation with an innocent mistake if not an actual malicious criminal act. To make this scheme profitable they must be doing it on a massive scale to everyone or at least everyone who is black. This can be investigated and verified. By conspiring to virtually force me to violate probation they attempted human trafficking with the goal of transferring me back to custody for their money making slavery-conspiracy. Can you say “class action” boys and girls? I knew you could.

3) [Censored]

4) Violation of Civil and/or Constitutional Rights

5) Police Harassment & Misconduct

6) Cyber Stalking

7 - X) Etcetera.

For Scam I: The False Labeling Of Myself And Anyone With Even One Insignificant Incidence Of Violence On Record As “Dangerous” For The Financial Gain Of The US Government, I wish to sue for anything and everything feasible below.

1) Mass Scale Defamation: I am not dangerous. I was a model inmate and I did not get into even one fight or earn even one write-up. I have a high IQ and I’m the kind that walks away from challenges to physical fights, which is very hard to do as it hurts one’s pride. But did they consider this? No! They just took the one small incident of violence from my record and used it as a pretext to ruin my life by committing me to the institution for life so they could release me and I might keep coming in and out throughout my lifetime to keep them in business. Research can verify this is their normal practice for anyone with even just one insignificant incident of violence on their record (unless perhaps in some cases where the patient could afford an EXPENSIVE private attorney and/or was not a minority). Speculation: This is probably also their standard procedure for mentally ill people who have no history of violence but suffer from a lower intelligence quotient and cannot defend themselves against accusations of being dangerous. They've hurt probably thousands of other's over the years with this type of defamation and possibly tens of thousands if they practice this at their other institutions outside of Missouri. This is another class-action lawsuit possibility.

2) Mass Scale Medical Malpractice: It is certainly malpractice to falsely label people as dangerous solely for potential monetary gain in a verifiable (by a sympathetic jury) conspiracy. This is a class action lawsuit possibility as well.

3) Attempted Genocide: "Lets use whatever pretext we can to get these mentally ill folks and criminals off the streets. If we lock them up they won't reproduce. Who cares if most of them are not really dangerous? And we can make big money too." One of the key reasons for human life is the education of the spirit. One important way the spirit learns is through facing challenges and problems. Mental illness is a challenge. In this light, to try to commit genocide against the mentally ill, or any other category of people, is stupid. 

4) Human Trafficking

5) Felony Financial Fraud

6 - X) Etcetera.

Possible hate crime enhancement can be applied to several of the above.

I am a highly organized Virgo and a can neatly put together all evidence (that does not require an investigator) supporting every claim I've made on this website on request. I also have all names but I have omitted them to temporarily protect the accused.

Update 7/23/2017

One Additional Big Lawsuit Possibility Added Today

In a felony attempt to shut me up for the potentially subversive websites they are afraid of, it seems the US Postal Inspection Service and/or Assistant US Attorney have reopened my old case or opened a new one. I learned of this after filing a Freedom of Information request with the US Postal Inspection Service. I was told they could not give me information about an open case. The postal inspector and/or AUSA were probably hoping they'd get me arrested for something unrelated to my websites so I could stop raising funds to sue them and reform law enforcement in some ways. It is a felony civil rights violation to abuse law enforcement powers to try to thwart a citizen's freedom of speech. This is enhanced in this case as it is racially motivated as well. One more lawsuit here and this one should be the easiest to prove and prosecute in court. Evidence: I have IP logs of the Postal Inspection Service, probably mainly the postal inspector whom I was dealing with, paying excessive visits to my anti-law enforcement corruption websites long after he learned about them - if he should deny that his personal feeling about the websites and fear that I'd raise the money required to press charges played any part in his felony abuse of authority in opening/reopening the case.

Update 8/21/2017

Yet More Big Lawsuit Possibilities Added Today

In perhaps an additional felony attempt to shut me up for the potentially subversive websites they are afraid of, it seems that my US mail is being intercepted. I sent a registered mail piece containing a couple of hundreds of circulars that were supposed to be delivered by a special type of discount mail after reception by the postmaster in Redondo Beach, California. The package was supposed to arrive at its destination on 7/31/2017. For a long time, the package tracking status was showing: "Delayed." Another of my registered mail pieces seemed to have disappeared too so I became very suspicious and filed a mail fraud complaint with the Office Of The Inspector General and I also complained to the FBI online on August 7th, 2017. On August 15th, 2017 I called the postmaster of Redondo Beach at zip code 90277 and inquired about the status of the refund for the non-provided special mailing service I paid for online. She put me on hold to check on things. Then she called and left me a voicemail telling me that the package had actually arrived and she would update the status of the package as "Delivered." She did this and now my tracking number shows that the package was (allegedly) delivered on 7/31/2017 when up until 8/15/2017 it showed package status as "Delayed" ("Intercepted" would be the right word, I think). I believe she is lying as shortly after the date my package was supposed to arrive, my website IP logs show that an IP address only a few blocks from the White House visited one of the websites I was trying to conduct an advertising test on that was on the circulars in the package I mailed to the postmaster for delivery to Redondo Beach residents. I remembered this IP address as it visited one or more of my old potentially subversive websites (the literature I was advertising in the package sent to Redondo Beach was for business websites not connected to potentially subversive websites). So it looks like Washington possibly has me on a watch list as a potential national security threat when my old websites, most of which I was going to abandon, do not advocate violence or make any kind of terrorist threats. So there are two lawsuit possibilities here:

1) Mail Fraud: The postmaster's possible lying to me may constitute mail fraud as I did pay the post office for service and delivery of a package to the postmaster to facilitate this service - not for no service and non-delivery of package and lies. If she would have acknowledged that Washington took the package or it was misplaced or trashed then I would have been entitled to the refund I had requested. By lying to me she defrauded me out of the refund I was due. Evidence: (a) My web page was visited by somebody or an agency right near the White House when my mail was supposed to be being delivered to Redondo Beach, California residents only. (b) I've done website profitability test before and I know from experience that at least 30 people are supposed to visit my website per 100 postcards I mail on the first day of reception and about 10 per day per 100 mailed up to seven days thereafter - NOT ZERO PEOPLE. However, my IP logs do not show that one person from Redondo Beach visited either of the two websites I was advertising on my postcards from the time the mail was supposed to be received by the postmaster on 7/31/2017 nor after the date the postmaster called me and committed mail fraud by lying to me. They were to deliver the mail shortly after the reception. If the postmaster only became aware of the package after 8/15/2017 the postcards should have gone out probably on the 16th or 17th. But still no visitors from Redondo Beach as of today. I have the voice mail recording of the postmaster telling me this (probable) fib. (c) I have my website's IP logs showing no visitors from Redondo Beach, California and a visitor near the White House instead and a cheap test postcard mailing for the same offer can easily prove that at least 30 people should have visited my website on the first day of delivery of the postcards - NOT ZERO PEOPLE!

2) TThe second lawsuit I wish to file is for possibly being declared a national security threat for putting up web pages to raise funds to fight law enforcement corruption when I made no terrorist threats and did not advocate violence. (And I don't appreciate having my phone tapped either). How does combating law enforcement's corruption make one a threat to the nation's security? The IP that visited my old potentially subversive websites and my new unrelated business website that Washington should not have know about (unless they intercepted my mail) is:

Attorneys: Please have an investigator trace the above IP address and see if it is the White House, NSA or the like and let me know. I have determined myself that the ISP is Cogent Communications and it appears whomever the IP is assigned to is located in Washington, DC only three blocks away from the White House in zip code 20068.


I also have more IP logs with suspiciously timed visits and behaviors from similar IP addresses to that above. Attorneys that wish to investigate this may contact me for these IP log files.

Update 9/18/2017

More Evidence Supporting Above Lawsuit Possibility Added Today

I tried to launch my business again with the post office's discount mail service. My mail was intercepted again but this time they did something even more stupid: They tried to trick me like they mailed the circulars by making my websites show traffic somehow. (Or so it seems). However, all of the traffic should have come from the state of Oregon but I only got one visitors from my home state when they all should have come from here as the pages are new and I did not submit them to search engines or anything else. Their trying to deceive me is evidence they know there is no legitimate reason for a case to be open against me and/or for me to be on a watch list. For complete details, including IP log evidence and info about the 5-10% effective backdoor they seem to have in my computer, Click Here


Again, attorneys (or individuals) please contact me or refer me to another attorney for a $23,000,000.00 referral fee or 23% (whichever is less) of my portion of settlement after I pay attorney his/her percentage - if this lawyer takes my case on contingency and wins (If it is legal to offer this referral fee. I quite sure it is).

Thank You.

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Legal Disclaimer: I am such an old soul I have a reputation of being right about almost everything around 95% of the time. Usually, even when everyone else vehemently disagrees with me, I am eventually proven correct. However, I am not an attorney and although the US Constitutions clearly says “Innocent Until Proven Guilty,” and even though if there was legal power to place terms on my probation that would have likely been if I had been convicted of the allegations the judge would have imposed them, without a law degree, I don’t feel I can be 100% certain that there is no loophole in the law that allows a postal inspector to investigate me and/or try to impose new conditions on my probation for a crime I was not convicted of and for a case that is closed on top of that. Just because it is done all the time does not mean it is not unconstitutional and/or illegal. Is not the government notorious for violating laws? If the postal inspector had legitimate legal grounds for his genocidal activities of trying to give me more opportunities to violate my probation by imposing more and more conditions on my probation so I could go back to the prison-hospital, thus decreasing the likelihood that I would father a black child, then he has my sincere apologies. Furthermore, perhaps my probation officer was not being totally honest with me about not being the one who suggested the first and/or second set of proposed new conditions on my probation. Perhaps he is behind the whole thing. Also, other statements on this website may be speculative. 

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