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News Updates About Possible Conspirators Against My Freedom, Business and/or Life

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This website has been backup at several other locations online, some of which Washingnton DC and Eugene authorities and the postal inspectors in various stats are totally unaware of.


I learned late this month that a judge singed a curt order early this month discharging from probation and revoking my commitment to the government prison-hospital in Missouri. That’s good news. But it looks like government agents may still be working behind the scenes to sabotage my business progress, as related to the news updated involving Craigslist, inc below. So the website stays up. 

News Upate 10

After over a year Craigslist, Inc is still deleting my advertisements due to race and probable participation in the conspiracy against right outlined on this website’s homepage. They have earned a mention on the conspirators' page. 

Complaint 1: Craigslist or an insider sent me probable email virus, that I was supposed to be gullible enough to trust, probably to destroy my PC or to implant a surveillance backdoor. Full details here:

Complaint 2: Evidence of ongoing surveillance and business sabotage by Craigslist due to race and the conspiracy against rights, possibly in collaboration with rouge law enforcement personnel. Full details here: 

News Update 9

I was happy that my request for a female probation officer was finally honored. However, the new probation officer has engaged in psychological warfare against me for being a man. I told my ex-probation officer Cantemsees that I’ve been on a lot of dates and that all my experiences with Cancer females have been terrible. Perhaps this is why I ended up with probably the only cancer female in the probation dept – who is under Cantamessa’s supervision. What a coincidence! Of course, being a cancer, she had to start screwing with my mind. You can read about it in a censored copy of the email I sent to Brain Gray asking him to execute an emergency postponement of my next scheduled home visit by this woman (D. Desannoy). Click here [link removed]  for a censored copy of the letter. I sent Dessanoy a checking copy because she had not returned my email or text. Just after hitting the send button, the message alert function of my email inbox informed me that Desannoy finally sent me a reply stating that she would honor my request to postpone the home visit until I could talk to the deputy chief probation officer about her conduct. So she is NOT supposed to be coming to my residence tomorrow 11/21/2018.

News Update 8

My new probation officer Greive further verifies that he is involved in a conspiracy against rights by sending me an email Sunday demanding I see him on Tuesday. He knew there was a good chance I would not check the email as I agreed I would by Monday night as Monday was a holiday and I was not supposed to meet him again in his office until next month. So I thought I could relax. Be hes trying to make sure I have reason not to enjoy life and/or be constantly on edge by sending me a mandatory meeting demand with short notice. He emailed me again. The reason he wants to see me is extremely trivial and the short notice can only be explained if he is trying to find an excuse to get me locked up as explained below and or engaging in email terrorism. He has visited this website as he now is calling a mandatory meeting mandatory instead of optional. Here is his email.

Here are IP logs of visites to this website from US Courts and others in Oregon that started after the update below. Looks like someone is worried (probably my probation officer) and they are talking to each other. Also I have learned today the my old, evil probation officer Cantamessa is Greive’s supervisor. Greive told me that Keith Stewart was is supervisor in our first office meeting. If the change is not recent this is further probable cause to expect conspiracy (why would he lie). Perhaps the deputy chief probation officer whom I’m been sending checking copy emails to, Brian Grey, appointed Cantamessa as Greive’s new supervisor to help out with the conspiracy. 

News Update 7

My new probation officer, Matthew L. Greive, has validated by email that most or all white male probation officers are racist (with little or no provocation) – vindicating that my request for a female probation officer should have been honored. I became generally aware of one or more conspiracies against my freedom, business and/or life by dreams. There is only vagueness in these dreams alerting me to probable conspiracies. However, dream interpretation has provided prophetic information and guidance for me before, so it is my job to think and try to block all possible foul play I can imagine is reasonably plausible until I’m informed that the conspiracy has ceased by the cessation of pertinent nightmares. Therefore I went into red alert mode and tried to investigate anything I found significantly suspicious. I found Greive’s scheduling a weekend visit on a Saturday – a federal employee off day – suspicious, when this has never happened to me before so I sent email inquires about it to him and a supervisor. Through this email, Greive became aware of possible targeting of my business for illegal sabotage by the NSA and/or Secret Service so I could not raise funds to press litigation for various racially motivated extreme constitutional and civil rights violations by more than one government agency, including the US Probation Department. So what does Greive do? He tries to join in on the racist activities and attempts to trick me into earning a probation violation with this paragraph in the email reply he sent me: 
“In regards to the home visit this Saturday, I don't know why you consider this "suspicious activity" when I'm giving you notice. It's a simple request, and it's entirely up to you if you'd like to follow the request or not. I'm very busy, and don't have time to waste if you're not going to be home. If you don't plan on being home Saturday morning, please let me know so I don't waste my time on adding you to the home visit list."

It is a mandatory condition of my probation that I meet with the probation officer when and as instructed. However, form the text I’ve underlined above, you can see that he tried his very best to make me feel that a mandatory meeting was only casual and missing it would be inconsequential. However, on our first meeting, Greive told me that it is not his policy to be pushy if someone refuses to cooperate, but to report it to his supervision, who will inform the court of their noncooperation. If this happens I would earn a probation violation and get incarcerated. His lie to me that a request to see me was optional and casual when in truth, if I took his advice literally, I would most likely have been locked up, constitutes his becoming an official and verifiable partner in the racist conspiracy against rights to have me locked up for standing up for my rights and seeking to file lawsuits to fight extreme constitutional and civil rights violations. So this man, who is a probation officer and it is his job to work with me to make sure I don’t get locked up, tried to get me locked in the felony Conspiracy Against Rights - 18 U.S. Code § 241 explained on the homepage of this website. He has committed a verifiable felony so now he is officially a criminal. Or at least this is true from my point of view. 

So there is a racist white criminal with a gun coming to my house tomorrow who tried to deceive me into getting myself locked back up and I have no choice but to let him in or I could earn a probation violation and be sent away. I am under duress that he may try to hurt or frame me (he has proven himself dishonest) and I feel I’m entitled to a settlement each time he visits. And a giant settlement each time he comes into the residence. Attorneys please contact me.

More evidence that there is an illegal conspiracy against rights going on against me is that after my ex-probation officer Cantamessa learned about a certain complaint against postal inspector Thompson – in possible collaboration with him and/or others – he tried to subtly suggest that I should take the website offline. I told him the website was part of an official complaint I posted online into a text box where there was insufficient room for the whole complaint so I created the web page and included the link in my complaint. Though he tried to seem casual about it, I smelled strong fear concerning the website continuing to stay up. Immediately after this Cantamessa stopped treating me like a crazy imbecile that has to be up to something illegal due to skin color and started showing me more respect. And he granted my request for a non-white probation officer. I thought this might be a peace offering so I put all that suffering out of my mind. However, I felt that if some of the particular predatory criminals working in the government saw me back down they’d interpret it as weakness and attack. So I decided to leave most of my websites up although I was not actively perusing the anti corruption and litigation plans listed thereon. But every time the NSA or Secret Service or whoever it is did something to upset my business progress like possibly asking Google to freeze my account, making my resisted business mail dissapear and etc., it only reingnited my fire and I returned to these types of projects. 

The peace offering Omar Morales (as my new non-white probation officer) was located in Salem Oregon, which is 50 to 60 miles away from my residents near Eugene, Oregon. He would hardly ever come to see me – especially in the beginning and he would only send me extremely short replies to my email questions. Not breathing down my throat all the time like Cantamessa at all. I felt he was instructed to act thuswise. Why would the Eugene US Probation Office’s new head, Cantamessa, be requiring me to see him excessively one moment and then possibly instruct this new probation officer, Morales, located 50 miles away not to disturb me? Probably the website he learned of shortly before his promotion really scared him.

It seem to me someone said, “Well he did not like his peace offering, lets put him back on annoying probation and see how he likes that.” So now I must see this Greive once in the office and I have to let this man who has engaged in a hate crime against me (as far as I’m concerned at least) as outline above into my house once a month when he has a gun. Morales did not come into my house and I felt he was probably instructed not to disturb me per a covert peace offering arrangement involving at least Cantamessa. 

I have better things to do than to piss people off who have legal authority over me. But the persistent dreams of someone or a body of people actively plotting behind my back persist, thus I feel the need to cover all bases by posting this, which I was mercifully not going to post, until last nights dreams. I am not a nightmare person. The persistent nightmares began just before the incident in New Update 2 further down in this document about Google and conspirators' possible illegal surveillance and/or sabotage of my business in collaboration with the possible active participation by government officials in Lane County, Oregon as well as other locations. 

Click Here for email records of Greive’s emails that I feel constitute the hate crime of Conspiracy Against Right due to Race.

Click Here to download the same records with IP headers included. (Less easy to read than the version above, but verifies the IP address that sent it among other things). 

Click Here for the online post that seemed to scare Cantamessa into giving me a peace offering non-white probation officer with conspicuously lite annoyance terms.

Also, I learned today that I am being cyber-stalked by someone using Cogent Communications like the people near the White House. However, the new IP is located in Florida. It visited this website and another unrelated business website I sent to someone’s GMail account within a short window of time. The stalker's IP is: Evidently Google is still stalking me as the business website would not be know to be related to the same person that owns this website without extensive compilation of online clues via surveillance/stalking and synthesis of that data. 

More News Updates Further On But First This Important Message:

To All Contacted News Crews, Civil Rights Agencies and Regularly Visiting Good Law Enforcement Agents

If something happens to me please investigate all the people below mentioned directly, behind the IP addresses license plates and suspicious accounts. Please research and investigate emails and phone calls of all parties above that can be determined and their associates and fry them all. This also applies to the corporation Google, Inc. On the day I surfed naked in the library, I sent people who responded to my ad for business partnerships reply messages through the Craig’s List replay system, which allowed people to replay to me by proxy emails from ??? All the people I’ve further talked to to the point of learning their real email addresses were using GMail. I feel this is very strange as much more people use Yahoo! Mail than GMail. So did the government read my email while I was in the library or was it Google that illegally read the mail of its GMail users and alerted government officials to my plans? Or are all or most of the people that responded to my ad that were using GMail Google employees, mercenaries and/or government agents. Google hides the IP address of the people that use GMail to send messages which is kind of strange, since they seem to be opposed to people using anonymizing proxies otherwise. Maybe they do this so it seems normal when bad government agents use their email for anonymity. Then, if a good government agent inquires, they’ll probably give false information about who was behind the GMail account or say they can’t really tell. I’m supposed to be meeting a number of the people I contacted at these GMail accounts tomorrow to discuss business partnerships for ventures related to selling of non offensive to government products and services.

2/2/2018: I was given a new probation officer yesterday: Matthew L Greive, Eugene US Probation Dept. I did not request him. How suspicious. I'm going to see him now. If I don't update this page soon...

News Update 6

My new probation officer, Matthew L. Greive, suspiciously told me via an email that I must be home on Saturday for a routine home visit and he said I was not in trouble.

However, here are the probation department's normal days and hours of operation:

US Probation & Parole Office
405 East Eighth Avenue, Suite 1000
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Regular Hours:
Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat - Sun Closed

I speculate that this is possibly more of the felony Conspiracy Against Rights - 18 U.S. Code § 241 going on against me. Some high ranking probation officer (perhaps my old one Cantamessa; he's been promoted to supervisor) probably said, "Phillip has a high IQ. If you try to come into his hose on Saturday when he knows you are not supposed to be working, he probably will be too suspicious/apprehensions and not cooperate. Then we'll have an excuse to violate his probation so he can stop trying to file class action lawsuits against Cantamessa and our fed buddies in California." Or maybe he wants to plant something, destroy my computers (that will do no good), or shoot me. Here is a link to the email he sent me.

News Update 5:

My current probation officer O. Morales of the Salem, Oregon US Probation Department is not answering my emails concerning important questions which my freedom may depend on having answered in a timely fashion. If I get arrested soon on some little probation technicality the details of my correspondence with him show that I did try to resolve and receive consolation on the issue. If he is anxious to put me away for not knowing something I asked guidance on, he is in on the Conspiracy Against Rights orchestrated by postal inspector N.M. Thompson and the Assistant US Attorney A. Brown of Los Angeles County and/or my ex-probation officer T.M. Cantamessa of the Eugene, Oregon US Probation Dept. This evidence can be downloaded in the FBI section. 

News Update 4:

For a long time a bot from has been visiting and other of my related domains. Someone had to pay for the service at Up Time to check to see if my website is up. Why would anybody want to know so desperately if my website is up or down? Now that I’m been thinking about these sort of things for days, it would probably be someone whose criminal activities have been accurately outlined on this website and he/she is scared. Furthermore, logic dictates that they probably would only pay money for this service to keep going month after month after month if they are planning to false arrest me, make me disappear or kill me as soon as the website comes down – if ever – as it is power evidence. Moreover, is suspicious as it only it claims its service will check on your domain status minutely but I only got one or at most a few visits from bots daily to each domain under this surveillance. So perhaps regualrly does business with rouge law enforcement personnel. Below is one IP log of a vist form an bot to one of my domains: - - [29/Jan/2018:04:14:59 +0300] "GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0" 404 472 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Uptimebot/1.0; +" - - [29/Jan/2018:04:14:59 +0300] "HEAD / HTTP/1.0" 200 278 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Uptimebot/1.0; +"

News Update 3:

Below is a license plate of someone who was possibly engaged in illegal and/or unconstitutionally authorized surveillance of myself. License Plate 1: 933*46 Lexus, dull sky blue automobile. (State of Oregon I'm pretty sure, did not verify, next time I will). The guy in the driver's seat was a Caucasian male with glasses; looked kind of like my ex probation officer, but maybe a little too heavyset. Did not go directly to the glass and stare in. I don’t think everyone sitting in a car who takes notice of me is a government agent. I have never made such a post as this about a license plate before. But this time my intuition about foul intentions went through the roof. Is it not strange that I notice this guy and get a terrible gut feeling just before the incidents in News Updates 1 and 2? (This news update was originally posted first on Wednesday 1/17/2018 but I moved it to the bottom as it is less interesting). Or maybe I was just on edge due to the dreams and or intuitions about real culprits trying to stab me in the back. Legal Disclaimer: I don't really know that the guy with the above license plate was up to no good. I was just a strong gut feeling I got.

News Update 2:

Edward Snowden said various household word companies have been deputized by the government to spy on US citizens. One of the chief companies in this arrangement is Google. I was trying to raise money to improve my life on Google by the video marketing of a business opportunity. Google froze my account claiming “Suspicious billing practices.” They also said my account was suspended forever and they forbade me to ever open a new account again – which I found extremely suspicious for one alleged and false violation. So I put up the website you can view at and told Google I know they spy for the government and I put up the website explaining how they have been deputized to spy. The website also seeks to rally support to file class action lawsuits against Google for this type of behavior. On the website I explain my feeling that Google was further deputized by the Government to terminate my account as they may think the only thing standing in the way of my filing the 23 lawsuits/ class action lawsuits listed below after these three news updates is my lack of funds to press for all 23 cases. Then Google had a change of heart and although they told me three times that my account was suspended forever and I better not ever open a new one, they then told me that I was not in violation of their Terms and Conditions and they restored my AdWords advertising account. I was about to forget about the website about google an attend to more government friendly business ventures. However, I usually use web anonymizing and encryption methods when using the internet. There were two sites I really needed to use that cannot be properly accessed if you’re using anonymization. So I went to the Eugene Downtown Library and I surfed the internet without protection. Then, hours later, I got the following visitor from IP address to (This is where is configured to redirect to).

Full details about this visitor: IP Address - - - - [19/Jan/2018:11:23:20 +0300]";; "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; Xbox; Xbox One) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36 Edge/16.16299"

The above is the IP address and browser information along with the URL of my website the person was visiting for someone that was using an internet connection registered to:
Organization: Elauwit Networks, LLC
ISP/Hosting: NTS Connections, LLC
Eugene, OR, USA

Not much longer afterwards, the same website got the following visitor:

IP Address #2: - - [20/Jan/2018:06:17:20 +0300]";; "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 11_2_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/604.4.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/11.0 Mobile/15C153 Safari/604.1"
ISP/Hosting: Sprint PCS
Beaverton, OR USA

Note: The times listed in the above records are 11 hours ahead because my web host is in Russia.

I think my old probation officer T. Cantamessa uses Spring PCS. I'm not sure. I'll check my IP logs later.

I would not think this was too suspicious but for the facts that shortly after I registered the domain name, I went to FedEx Office and got over a hundreds circulars printed up. It was almost night and not too many people were around so I passed out about 10 circulars before deciding go home and return to Eugene to pass out the remaining circulars sometime later. When I got home on that first night about exactly 10 people visited the domain. I had not registered it to search engines or anything so I concluded that the circular was so engaging that it compelled 100% of the people who received it to visit my website. Then, sometime later I went back to Eugene and passed out the remaining over 100 circulars by hand and only one person from the USA visited my site (I assumed form Eugene). So I figured the government and/or Google had an agent on me and they executed some special arrangement that orchestrated the blocking of access to my website for everyone in the Eugene area. (I use anonymous proxies so ISPs can’t tell where I’m visiting from, so I was still able to access the site myself). Only people in Eugene and/or all of Oregon were blocked, I concluded, as someone knew I had passed out all those circulars.

So I rarely if ever was getting any visitors form Oregon or anywhere else and as soon as I surf naked on a website where I was trying to make big money, the two people at IPs listed above, probably government agents, in Eugene, Oregon, visit my website that Google and/or the government especially don’t like. This validates my conspiracy theories listed about Google at

News Update 1

My NEW probation officer O. Morales of the US Probation Office at 503 Center St. NE, STE 406, Eugene, OR 97301 made an appointment to see me via email. No big deal usually but I have been having terrible dreams about a possibly impending event around the time of his visit today, Monday 1/22/2018. So I felt compelled to post his visit here so everyone will know what really happened if I die or disappear. He said he wanted me to sign some papers. But because of the terrible dreams I'm not sure weather to believe him or not. So I'm posting his visit here so that everyone will know that if I get arrested or shot it was in regard to the various conspiracies against my rights I'm seeking to sue law enforcement for detailed after these three news updates. That their illegal actions made me put up websites to fight for my rights so now I'm so mistrustful of law enforcement I'm mildly distresses that I may be illegally dragged away or shot every time my probation officer visits and more so today because of the bad dreams is one more thing I have to sue for in addition to the 23 charges below. I have no weapons and I have never been convicted of any drug related crime if he should claim I had drugs or weapons today.

Every Tuesday night I'll post "I'm OK" at the top of this these updates - if possible. If I fail to post, please investigate for possible homicide or illegal disappearance or incarceration/re-instuilaztion based on lies or a situation orchestrated in a felony Conspiracy Against Rights – 18 U.S. Code § 241.

So if I disappear, get locked up or die, know if was due to criminal conspiracy with the involvement of one or more of the people listed above (or below), their affiliates and/or Google. Please investigate and fry them all.

Legal Disclaimer: I have no evidence that my current probation officer Morales is a conspirator or is up to any kind of foul play. My stamens about Google are based on the revelations of Edward Snowden. Also, several of the statements I make above about one or more parties and/or entities are speculative.Legal Disclaimer: I have no evidence that my current probation officer Morales is a conspirator or is up to any kind of foul play. My stamens about Google are based on the revelations of Edward Snowden. Also, several of the statements I make above about one or more parties and/or entities are speculative.