Craigslist, Inc
(Subhuman Cockroaches)

Craigslist repeatedly blocked my posts, sent me viruses by email, cyber-stalked me and froze my account due to race and political views. You can download the dozen or so email attachments they sent me containing viruses. Download only if you are a forensic specialist with law enforcement and that you are on my side. If you download out of curiosity I am not responsible for any damage to your PC. By downloading you certify you are investigating Craigslist Inc and/or possible rouge law enforcement agents whom possibly engaged in illegal surveillance and/or a hate crime against website owner and not investigating websites owner. The password to open these files is further down in this story. 

Full Details

Craigslist, inc has taken a special interest in censoring my ads and freezing my accounts due to race. Yesterday, I found out they rejected the last two perfectly normal business ads I tried to place and they also put my account on hold. I contacted them, but they have not, and have no intention of replying. They even once took an active interest in cyber-stalking me and sent email attachments, allegedly with the contact information of random people who were interested in my various ads in various states. 

When I tried to open one, I was told that my security setting did not allow for macros, which may contain a virus. This had to be a Craigslist, inc. insider as all the ads that were responded to in various stats utilized the Craigslist, inc. email relay system, so my real email address was not showing. I was given a different relay email address for each ad. Also, the ads were about different subjects. Moreover, I was wondering if the culprit was sending everyone in Craiglist these emails with attachments that were supposed to have their contact information. So I told the person I was apprehensive about opening doc files as they could contain a virus. Immediately after this, he or she started to send RTF (rich text format) files instead – showing that I was the only target of this activity. He or she sent so many of them, my curiosity got the better of me and I tried to open one and got the virus possibility warning. I have attached a zip file with all this evidence and I still have the ordinal messages at three email different accounts. 

One email account received the duplicate messages by auto forward and I manually forwarded them again to a third email account for additional backup. Perhaps they were cooperating with some law enforcement agency as some of my ads were advertising things like an eBook that shows you “How to Keep Big Brother From Spying on You.” It is not in their terms of service that they can cyber-stalk me due to race and/or cyber-stalk me due to race indirectly if that’s why law enforcement enlisted them to spy on me and try to plant a spy-virus in or possibly destroy my PC (destruction of personalty property). 

I have uploaded the (probable) viruses they sent me. They were always allegedly from females and the sender’s name always differed from the alleged party in the email message body. The message body was not in the regular text but consisted of an image, probably to avoid text detection and the image would not forward. I copied all the images in these criminal emails and put them in the same zip file as the virus attachments. The images have been printed in Microsoft XPS format. 

The password to open all the files is allegedly 5558. Open only at your own risk or if you’re a computer crime specialist (on my side). I only tied to open one of the files. I assume they're all about the same. I don’t know what is contained in the files. Please contact me. I’d like to file hate crime charges and well as charges for interfering with a citizens business and cyber-stalking charges against Craigslist and whatever law enforcement agency they were working with – if any. They probably found out my race as I was trying to start clubs to raise money to file class action lawsuits against racism in law enforcement. Craigslist, inc. banned these ads extremely fast. Much, much faster then similar ads to assist with women’s rights. 

Over a year latter, Craigslist, Inc. is still giving me problems. Click Here for a copy of my letter to the FBI dated 3/3/2019 regarding Craigslist's continual  unethical or illegal actions against me.

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