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Edward Snowden said various household word companies have been deputized by the government to spy on US citizens. One of the chief companies in this arrangement is Google. I was trying to raise money to improve my life on Google by the video marketing of a business opportunity. Google froze my account claiming “Suspicious billing practices.” They also said my account was suspended forever and they forbade me to ever open a new account again – which I found extremely suspicious for one alleged and false violation. So I put up the website you can view at http://replacegoogle.org and told Google I know they spy for the government and I put up the website explaining how they have been deputized to spy. The website also seeks to rally support to file class action lawsuits against Google for this type of behavior. On the website, I explain my feeling that Google was further deputized by the government to terminate my account as they may think the only thing standing in the way of my filing the 23 lawsuits/ class action lawsuits listed on the homepage after these three news updates is my lack of funds to press for all 23 cases. Then Google had a change of heart and although they told me three times that my account was suspended forever and I better not ever open a new one, they then told me that I was not in violation of their Terms and Conditions and they restored my AdWords advertising account. I was about to forget about the website about google an attend to more government-friendly business ventures. However, I usually use web anonymizing and encryption methods when using the internet. There were two sites I really needed to use that cannot be properly accessed if you’re using anonymization. So I went to the Eugene Downtown Library and I surfed the internet without protection. Then, hours later, I got the following visitor from IP address to http://100percentprivacy.org/replacegoogle/. (This is where http://replacegoogle.org is configured to redirect to).

Full details about this visitor: IP Address - - - - [19/Jan/2018:11:23:20 +0300] http://100percentprivacy.org/replacegoogle/";; "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; Xbox; Xbox One) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36 Edge/16.16299"

The above is the IP address and browser information along with the URL of my website the person was visiting for someone that was using an internet connection registered to:
Organization: Elauwit Networks, LLC
ISP/Hosting: NTS Connections, LLC
Eugene, OR, USA

Not much longer afterwards, the same website got the following visitor:

IP Address #2: - - [20/Jan/2018:06:17:20 +0300] http://100percentprivacy.org/replacegoogle/";; "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 11_2_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/604.4.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/11.0 Mobile/15C153 Safari/604.1"
ISP/Hosting: Sprint PCS
Beaverton, OR USA

Note: The times listed in the above records are 11 hours ahead because my web host is in Russia.

I think my old probation officer Todd Cantamessa uses Spring PCS. I'm not sure. I'll check my IP logs later.

I would not think this was too suspicious but for the facts that shortly after I registered the domain name replacegoogle.org, I went to FedEx Office and got over a hundred circulars printed up. It was almost night and not too many people were around so I passed out about 10 circulars before deciding to go home and return to Eugene to pass out the remaining circulars sometime later. When I got home on that first night about exactly 10 people visited the domain. I had not registered it to search engines or anything so I concluded that the circular was so engaging that it compelled 100% of the people who received it to visit my website. Then, sometime later I went back to Eugene and passed out the remaining over 100 circulars by hand and only one person from the USA visited my site (I assumed form Eugene). So I figured the government and/or Google had an agent on me and they executed some special arrangement that orchestrated the blocking of access to my website for everyone in the Eugene area. (I use anonymous proxies so ISPs can’t tell where I’m visiting from, so I was still able to access the site myself). Only people in Eugene and/or all of Oregon were blocked, I concluded, as someone knew I had passed out all those circulars.

So I rarely if ever was getting any visitors from Oregon or anywhere else and as soon as I surf naked on a website where I was trying to make big money, the two people at IPs listed above, probably government agents, in Eugene, Oregon, visit my website that Google and/or the government especially don’t like. This validates my conspiracy theories listed about Google at Replacegoogle.org.

Because of the above, I am continuing my Replace Google Project. Please go to http://replacegoogle.org if you want to help fight unconstitutional, unethical and/or illegal surveillance.